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Club Projects & Awards

Timberland Park Pollinator Garden

The garden contains only Tennessee natives, small pathways, and a bee hotel built by the grandson of one of our members. It is a young garden and has done remarkably well during the heat and drought this summer (2022). Click here for more information. 


Be sure to visit this garden and the park at different times of the year to see the bloom cycles of the diverse native plantings.

Timberland Park Pollinator Garden Presentation.jpg

Girl Scouts' Community Gardens

Leiper’s Fork Troop 1700 have created a community garden to benefit local residents. The Scouts are Cheyenne, Raley, Mia, and Kennedy, under the leadership of Corrie Asch. 

Hillsboro Methodist Church has provided the space for the four raised beds and is providing water for the gardens. Members of the Leiper’s Fork Garden Club have provided lessons in planting, watering, and mulching. Individuals have also donated vegetable/herb/flower plants, a hygrometer, mushroom compost, and weed-free straw. Produce grown is made available to the community.


Blue Star Memorial, Leipers Fork, TN

This is an ongoing project in our community to honor all who serve our country, past and present. Bedding plants are changed seasonally. American flags are added on July 4th and Memorial Day and wreaths for Christmas.  

Blue Star Memorial.jpeg

Williamson County Fair 2021

Nineteen members of our Leipers Fork Garden Club competed in the Horticulture competition at the 2021 Williamson County Fair.  Entries included:  Design, herbs, flowers and even vegetables.    Members placed:  Six 1st place ribbons, Seven 2nd place ribbons, and thirteen 3rd place ribbons!  Way to go!!!!!

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